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In today’s business world, data validation and identity verification has become a critical factor. Moreover, these practices not only protect companies from fines, penalties and fraud. They are also crucial to safeguard the reputation and trust between the company, its customers and business partners. So here we will show you why you should prioritize data validation in your company.

There are many companies that already have this process in place; however, automating it is where success lies. So in this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why you should prioritize data validation in your business.

We’ll look at the five crucial reasons that make this investment necessary in today’s business environment. We’ll also tell you how leading industries have automated the process of data and identity validation to empower and protect their businesses.

What is data validation?

Data validation is the system by which the veracity of information provided by individuals and companies is checked.

It is a process that plays a fundamental role in business. It contributes to fraud protection, regulatory compliance and even to providing an effective and secure customer experience.

In fact, given its effectiveness, many companies are already integrating this practice into their day-to-day operations. However, many make mistakes due to the fact that this process is sometimes carried out manually. This exposes them to multiple risks of fraud, identity theft, fines, penalties, and more.

“According to PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud survey, 47% of companies worldwide claim to have experienced fraud by impersonation, and possibly one of the biggest causes is the absence of identity validation and verification processes”.

However, to ensure that this is done effectively, it is necessary to use technological tools, such as software or platforms that quickly, easily, and effectively verify identity documents through government sources or databases.

5 Reasons why you should focus on data validation in your organization

In an increasingly competitive and digitized business world, data validation has become a fundamental pillar of organizational growth and security.

Focusing on this practice is not only a necessity, but a smart strategy that offers a number of key benefits. Here are five compelling reasons why you should prioritize data validation in your business:

1. Fraud protection

Data validation is an effective shield against fraud by verifying third-party information. This allows your company to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, resulting in operational savings and protecting your company’s reputation.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Data validation is essential to ensure that your company complies with laws and regulations. This will not only help you maintain a spotless compliance record but will also be effective in preventing fines and penalties.

3. Improving customer experience

Data validation and identity verification improve the customer experience by facilitating onboarding processes. Therefore, by benefiting your users, you will indirectly increase customer loyalty and satisfaction in your company.

4. Operational Efficiency

By automating and correcting identity validation processes, operational efficiency is improved. As a result, more time and resources can be devoted to truly productive activities, increasing agility and competitiveness within the organization.

5. Building Trust

Data validation establishes a solid foundation of trust by ensuring security in interactions with end users. This trust is essential for establishing long-lasting and productive relationships, as well as enhancing your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

How to do a data validation process?

Whenever you establish a commercial or internal relationship in your company, it is important that you carry out a data validation process. Remember that by studying and validating documentation in the different state sources.

It is possible to know if it is a real identity or if you are dealing with false identities. This makes it easier to detect and prevent fraud in your company, and to comply with regulations or procedures such as KYC or AML.

You should keep in mind that in order to perform a correct process, it is important that you validate different sources of information. With which you can make a complete study of the user, company or vehicle you want to validate.

For this purpose, identity verification service companies, such as Verifik, have numerous large government databases to carry out a correct process.

Find out about all the documentation you can validate here.

Remember that by validating documentation in different state/government sources. It is possible to determine the legitimacy of any identity, and thus optimize your anti-fraud business processes.

Having identity validation and verification practices in place is necessary not only to prevent fraud but also to be more competitive in the industry.

Improve your customers’ experience and therefore maintain a high customer loyalty and business reputation. The best decision is to automate your internal validation processes and make use of technological tools such as:

Verifik’s Data Validation API, with which you will not only be able to validate people, companies, and vehicles but also, will also maintain secure and fraud-free environments in your company.

Leading industries automate their processes with Verifik

It is possible to have identity validation and verification practices in place in your company:

  • – Prevent fraud
    – Be more competitive in the industry
    – Improve your customers’ experience
    – Maintain high customer loyalty
    – Increase business reputation.

On the other hand, being such mechanical processes, the best decision is to rely on technological tools (taking advantage of the digital transformation we are going through).

Among the most effective is’s data validation API, with which you can not only validate people, companies and vehicles but also maintain secure and fraud-free environments.

More than 500 companies have used our identity verification solution. And with our platform, they have been able to verify their users’ data in seconds.

Ensuring easy, fast, and secure authentication to simplify onboarding processes for employees, customers, suppliers, or any type of user.

Our solution covers multiple sectors and industries, such as retail, banking, fintech, proptech, recruitment, and many more… In which we have optimized their internal processes, to reduce operating costs and provide faster and more effective services in the industry.

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