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¡Join today and get up to
$5000 USD in credits for our Facial Biometric Services!

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¡Join today and get up to $5000 USD in credits for our Facial Biometric Services!


You’re refining your idea and learning about the
entrepreneurial journey all while exploring how you can build your future product.



You are focused on adding new features to your product as you gain customer traction and market fit.



You have a defined product that is making tractions and you plan to expand 10X faster.



$5000 USD

Liveness Check $0.50/API Call
Face Check $0.10/API Call

Verifik Solutions

Liveness Check

  • Liveness verification

Database Screening

  • Face Search (1:N)
  • Face Comparison (1:1)
  • Face Detection

Why is Verifik for Enterprises Hub the best choice to scale and protect your business?

Boost your business and establish a competitive advantage in the market. Grow your business with Verifik for Enterprises Hub!

Why is verifik

World Leading Liveness Detection and Face Recognition

At Verifik, we are committed on help organizations to solve the most complex challenges in identity and data verification. At Verifik for Enterprises Hub, a program designed for all types of organizations, we want to bring together knowledge, ideas and technology to drive businesses at every stage of development.

At Verifik for Enterprises Hub, we understand the importance of maintaining data integrity and customer security by minimizing the risk of identity theft in digital ecosystems.

Verifik is a deep-tech AI company with a World-class competency in Face Recognition (FR). Our core capability in Edge-AI and Machine Vision solve the problem of running computationally intensive deep learning (AI) without the need for expensive GPUs or the Cloud.

Security, Compliance and Privacy

Our cloud and on-premises services are certified to be ISO 27001 and SOC 2 compliant, we give our customers peace of mind.

In additions, the Liveness Check and Face Check solutions are externally GDPR certified and PDPA compliant.

Security, Compliance and Privacy

We not only offer technological solutions for identity and fraud prevention, but also technical support and assistance. Our team of experts is available to guide startups or business through the entire process of implementing and using our solutions.

With our comprehensive and secure platform, not only can you onboard customers quickly and reliably, you also prevent fraud and ultimately protect your company.

So if you’re an organization looking for reliable and secure identity verification solutions, join Verifik for Enterprises Hub today for a competitive edge in the market.