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Fraud and identity-related cybercrime have evolved, and with it, the need for more advanced solutions. In this context, facial authentication and Liveness technology have emerged as an effective solution to prevent identity theft. Among other forms of fraud that can be caused by false identities.

Liveness has become one of the most secure authentication technologies. And many industries are already implementing it as part of their fraud prevention plans. So in this blog we will show you everything you need to know about Liveness. Its benefits for businesses and how it has become an essential part of user authentication processes.

What is Liveness?

Liveness and face check technology, are achieved through photographs, the process of accurately identifying unique vital signs that certify someone’s physical presence.

This innovative method includes the detection of facial patterns, specific gestures, and other biometric characteristics.

This authentication ensures with certainty that every interaction is done in a legitimate manner, being executed by a real human being. Liveness is an essential tool to protect the integrity of your company in a digital environment where authenticity is crucial.

This is why many companies and private and governmental organizations have already highlighted the ability of proof of life to prevent fraud. And thus act as a protective layer by confirming the real presence of users.

Indeed, this growth is shown by the statistics. As confirmed by Passport Photo Online. Since the pandemic, the facial recognition market has been booming, from being valued at $3.8 billion in 2020, to having an annual growth rate of 15.4% and is expected to continue to grow.

How does Liveness technology work?

Liveness Detection technology, also known as liveness. It has transformed the way companies authenticate their users. It focuses on the authenticity of human presence in digital environments.

This system stands out for its ability to analyze unique vital signs. Ensuring that interactions with end-users are real, genuine and therefore trustworthy.

The operation of this technology is easy, fast and secure. The user takes a snapshot of their face, which triggers an automated and integrated facial authentication process. In this way, our technology works in three main steps.

  • – Detects the user
  • – Checks for physical presence
  • – Assesses the risk of identity theft

This technology is highly effective against fraud attempts. Such as the use of photographs printed in high definition on paper, images stored on mobile devices (phones, tablets, masks, among others) and although the ingenuity of fraudulent users seems to have no limits. Liveness technology is impenetrable to multiple forms of impersonation, and is currently one of the most secure user authentication options.

Integrate Verifik’s Liveness & Face Check Technology

The integration of Verifik’s Liveness or proof-of-life technology redefines digital identity authentication. By using a machine vision solution built on Edge-AI architecture. Verifik eliminates the dependency on external servers. This allows users to have a more secure and agile authentication experience.

But how does Verifik Liveness & Face Check Technology work? We simplify the task of determining whether a facial image belongs to a real person or is a fake representation (such as a printed photo or a screenshot from a tablet).

By using a deep learning model trained on millions of facial images. Our technology gives results indicating the probability of authenticity of that image. This advanced technology ensures accurate and reliable verification.

Verifik’s Liveness & Face Check Technology the authenticity of facial features in real time. It also guarantees the physical presence of the individual and protects against impersonation attempts or Deepfakes.

The Verifik toolkit allows you to not only validate the physical presence and life of your users. It also allows you to compare this face scanning with the scanning and data capture of identity documents. Thus guaranteeing companies:

  • High user registration completion rate.
  • Fast verification times
  • Anti-phishing capability

Anti-phishing use cases with Liveness technology

Verifik’s Proof of Life or Liveness technology proves its effectiveness in preventing identity theft in different cases and industries. But particularly in user onboarding processes, proof of life guarantees the authenticity of each new profile during the user onboarding process, ensuring that each record is authentic and created by a real person.

On the other hand, in the financial sector, where security is critical and high risk, Verifik’s technology also excels. Real-time facial authentication increases protection by reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring trust in financial transactions.

It is also a key resource in regulatory processes such as Know Your Customer (KYC), serving as a fundamental part of user verification and being complementary to data validation or user identity.

Definitely, Proof of Life or Liveness is an effective solution that guarantees the authenticity of identities in the business environment and strengthens the security of interactions with your end users.

With Ve, it only takes three seconds for your users to perform the proof of life and validate that the user’s physical presence matches other photos and documents. That’s how easy, fast, and secure it is to onboard your users with Verifik.

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