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About us: building a world where transparency and security prevail.
We work tirelessly to create innovative solutions that strengthen trust between individuals, businesses and communities, thus promoting a safer and more secure digital environment for all.

We are much more than a software company, we are pioneers in creating innovative solutions that transform the way businesses manage their key areas of operation, from user onboarding, identity verification, enterprise protection to regulatory compliance.

With our reliable and easy-to-use tools, we empower our clients to focus on what really matters, freeing them to reach their full potential.

Loyalty to corporate values is the foundation for starting and sustaining any organization.


Excellence in details leads to excellence in great things.


The basis of an individual’s effectiveness lies in his or her responsibility.


The decisive moments of an organization are taken with a cool head and courage.


Integrity builds trust and a great reputation.


Pride goeth before destruction, and arrogance before a fall.


Positively impacting everyone is the most effective way to generate culture and brand.

“Diligence is the conversion between excellence, responsibility and character - courage, integrity, humility, positivity.”

– Johan Castellanos

Know our Team

“We understand that digital optimization is not our primary focus; instead, we excel at creating a complete and positive experience in our service. Verifik, in this context, acts as the means to achieve this.”

– Johan Castellanos

Johan Castellanos - Verifik

Johan Castellanos


Lina Yepes - Verifik

Lina Yepes

Commercial Director

Miguel Treviño

Miguel Treviño


Nicolas Hernandez - Verifik

Nicolas Hernández

Quality Analyst

Sebastián García - Verifik

Sebastián García

Strategy Analyst

Valery Poveda - Verifik

Valery Poveda

Marketing Analyst


“If results - product, sales, quarterly goals - are a company's performance, input is its culture.”

– Alfred Lin

Corporate Purpose

To be faithful stewards and stewards of all that has been entrusted to us and to exert a positive influence on all those who interact with Verifik.

Leadership through stewardship: A foundation for organizational success in all cultures

Stewards are responsible leaders who act as guardians of organizations, large and small, with the goal of growth and improvement. Although you face pressure to deliver short-term results, your real challenge is keeping your eye on long-term goals without compromising the organization’s core values. They must balance these responsibilities using short-term strategies that support the long-term mission.

We believe stewards should focus on building an internal environment that empowers everyone and aligns with employee ethics. This environment, known as the “culture” of the organization, is governed by norms that define both the institutional mission and the acceptable means to achieve it. Despite the diversity of organizations around the world, certain qualities of stewardship, such as long-term vision, effective listening, humility, and trust, are universally valuable in building a strong organizational culture.

True stewards often remain anonymous, but their achievements endure because of the cohesion they foster. For example, although Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are famous for walking on the moon, the name of George Mueller, who led NASA during the space race, is less known. Mueller, through selfless leadership and a commitment to excellence, improved the internal functioning of NASA and created a set of agreed-upon organizational values among employees, prioritizing the organization’s mission.
We also consider leaders who operate in contexts where society has contradictory values. In many parts of the world, modernization brings with it practices such as child labor, which often clash with the ethical values of international organizations.

Institutions with a strong organizational culture are better prepared to face these pressures, maintaining ethical values and a firm mission. A steward who clearly embodies a defined set of values can empower his or her employees to act in line with the organizational culture, creating a framework for responsible decisions that benefit the organization without compromising moral standards.

Our management formula is based on two components: structure and purpose. By creating a strong internal culture, a steward can ensure that the organization is structurally competent and determinedly strong. Institutional leadership has no expiration date; a successful steward can leave his position knowing that the mission remains intact.

The legacy of a steward is not personal, but collective; he creates a system of enduring values and empowers others to perpetuate them.

Finally, we believe that by creating a culture of stewardship, a successful organizational leader can empower all members of an organization to be both leaders and managers, regardless of their position in the organizational hierarchy. Thus, leadership based on co-responsibility should be a fundamental aspect of successful organizations and our shared culture as citizens of the 21st century global society.